An innovative vision

A unique new idea that shakes the market and is changing the game. This is the essential initial component of a dominant firm, as it is now the CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA underwear and swimwear products.

In 1987, the founder and CEO, Sandro Veronesi, brought to the market an innovative way of selling products through a network of franchising CALZEDONIA stores. Success was not long in coming. The initial range of products extended into lingerie products, by creating INTIMISSIMI brand and TEZENIS brand became established in Italy and gained a significant share of the domestic market.

At the same time, there is a strong growth of the international network of stores CALZEDONIA – INTIMISSIMI – TEZENIS, following impressive raise. In 2014 CALZEDONIA, has expanded to 29 countries (1800 stores), INTIMISSIMI (1000 stores) in 26 countries and TEZENIS (400 stores) in 18 countries (employing more than 26,000 employees in total), confirming its wide acceptance of products / stores from consumers while it recorded turnover amounted to € 1.666.312,098 million.

In Greece, the first store opened in Falconeri Golden Hall, in October 2016.

In life as well as in business we have to be the protagonists, not the audience.

Sandro Veronesi, CEO

Competitive Advantage

The success of CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA is due to numerous factors such as the exceptionally wide range of products, the special importance that is given to fashion, style, trends and of course the supreme quality / price ratio of products as well as the need to satisfy of even the most demanding customers.

The company functions with a vertical structure that provides flexibility and efficiency: the concept, the design, the production and the distribution of each individual product run internally or through associates. Sales are made through one-brand stores with direct management or through foreign distributors. In stores attention is paid even to the slightest detail, including the internal environment of the store, the strategic positioning in dominant markets of major cities, and the extended training of the employees. In terms of advertising, the company has a strong presence in the media, regarding large campaigns (outdoor, TV, print etc.) endorsing well-known supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen (for CALZEDONIA) and Irina Shayk (for INTIMISSIMI).

The CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA Company using innovative and quite successful concepts has successfully changed the way consumers purchase “personal clothing” and more importantly has broadened its target audience in terms of gender and age. However, the most important part behind the success in numbers and sizes of development are the people. People, who are passionate, love and devote themselves to common goals and projects. These are indeed the values that describe and express a successful brand as envisioned by founder Sandro Veronesi.