Falconeri relaunches its three fragrances, enlightening the senses of the smell and further expanding our shopping experience. Elegant and charming packaging, to recall the brand’s collections.

The perfume is the intelligence of the flowers. (Henry de Montherlant)

The realization of the Falconeri perfumes are thanks to ROLS. ROLS was founded in 1965, it began as a small family run workshop and over the years it maintained its core value of: attention to detail and high quality of each individual product. Fifty years of experience in the cosmetics industry have provided ROLS with highly technical expertise necessary to develop new and straordinary products.

The three fragrances

New and intense aromas of helichrysum and star anise combined with warm vanilla scents. Creating an elegant, sensual and sophisticated aura which is enriched by a mysterious and engaging background scent of patchouli and sandalwood.

Ingredients: Helichrysum (intense and spicy with a hint of liquorice which reminds one of the Mediterranean sea), Star anise (Sweet and aromatic), Vanilla (sensual, sweet, enveloping slightly spicy), Patchouli (woody aroma that captivates and mesmerizes the senses), Sandalwood (woody and creamy at the same time).


The exuberant freshness of grapefruit and lemon emphasize the Mediterranean character of the fig tree, surprising and irresistible. An enveloping and luminous background of cedar and musk aromas give life to a fresh and unisex scent.

Ingredients: Fig (sweet and enveloping), Lemon (fresh and fruity, with a pungent aroma), Grapefruit (citrus with a slightly bitter aroma), Cedar (dry and with a woody aroma), Musk (warm and soft persist).


Elegant aromas of lime and jasmine illuminate a voluptuous and fascinating combination creating the scent of benzoin and amber. An intense and extremely feminine fragrance.

Ingredients: Lime (fresh, bitter and floral), Jasmine (intense and fresh florals), Iris (floral and slightly earthy), benzoin (enveloping vanilla and spicy scent), Amber (Warm and feminine fragrance).

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