Falconeri’s Spring/Summer womenswear collection has a touch of the unexpected. Their commitment to new styles looks to the future with on-trend, experimental creativity. Garments you will fall in love with at first sight, in a flurry of emotions and ideas. Inspired by “Luna Park”, this part of the collection features mix and match materials, prints and the latest patterns.

The brand’s distinctive outfits are witty but with a nostalgic air. Floral jacquard is designed to create an interplay with geometrics, and movement is created by a random plissé effect. Just like in “Luna Park”, or children’s afternoon play, at first glance the color palette contains every color of the rainbow. The mix of shades is skillfully designed, with additional highlights that accentuate the garments.
Falconeri’s new collection is also inspired by jeans, with an ironic play on words, “Jeantilezza”. This part of the collection sees denim transformed, that is, with its divergence into knitwear. Not to be missed are more feminine pieces such as figure-hugging jackets and lace pullovers with cutwork. Womenswear continues to be simple and elegant, introducing a breath of spring and femininity.

From everyday looks to elegant evening wear, the must-have is black and white: minimalist, linear and always chic. Different fibers create an interplay of contrasting effects: glossy/matt, smooth/textured, transparent/opaque and archetypal black and white. An interplay of texture and openwork, sensual but never excessively so.

White is absolutely essential for summer and had to be included in the new Falconeri designs. All-white outfits in soft, informal lines for a marinière mood, in subtle, minimalist, comfortable and elegant styles. Designs are linear and geometric alternating with asymmetrical shapes, overlapping lines and metal porthole effects, for a monochrome, sophisticated look.

“Dolce Vita” style is reinterpreted for the new season, which for the latest Falconeri collection does not mean the 1950s but rather a hint of carefree, spontaneous summers, a feeling of laughter and sun. A real “Italian Summer”. The exhilaration is seen in the purest of colors: optical white, combined with touches of turquoise, the color of the Italian sea, and ripe cherry. Also included are spots and stripes, slightly referencing folk, and gossamer-knit blouses with lace and crochet, evergreen elegance and style for this season. Elegant, romantic dresses for versatile summer looks, to accessorize in various ways for day or evening.

The inspiration for the final part of the collection comes from far away: safari themed “Colonial coffee”. Inspired by nature and the African plains, dresses are much softer and body-skimming, in lightweight, jacquard fabrics. The styles and materials such as natural linen have exotic charm, accentuated by highlights and lace inserts, with chic, summer-sunset kaftans. Colours are warm and enveloping, such as sun-kissed brick red, warm orange and earth tones, with splashes of colour on the plissé. The colour palette is completed by mango yellow and “savana” (warm, intense burgundy) contrasting with total black.

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