For spring/summer 2019, Intimissimi presents a kaleidoscope of sensations, with fresh colours and sophisticated style characterising the collection. Subdivided into five trends, this season’s looks are sure to satisfy those with a feminine soul in search of new stimuli. Lingerie sets present their multifaceted nature, from the wildest, in a perfect combination of trends, to the liveliest, popping with bright colours. This journey into the feminine universe takes place through sexy underwear, pyjamas and plain-weave robes, in floral prints or striped geometries, up to youthful, versatile outerwear tops and bottoms. A perfect rhythm of pieces for women with eclectic, independent style.



Intimissimi strikes the hearts of lovers, dreaming of a collection that celebrates and enhances this holiday. Nothing is taken for granted and everything is yet to be invented with unexpected combinations of surprising sensuality. Classic black, the epitome of sexy, fuses with pink and red in a perfectly seasonal trend. The collection’s sexiest pieces are enriched by criss-crosses and sensual mesh for a peek-a-boo effect. Whispered romanticism, entrusted to proclamations of love, has been embroidered on the lingerie while a fuchsia rose print on a black base characterises the theme.



Styles and materials combine into mix and match looks that have never been so trendy, where contrasts create order from chaos. Lace, macramé, silk and prints are balanced in elegant sophistication and animal motifs are once again the star of the season, with their unmistakeable wild audacity reinterpreted in a romantic, floral key thanks to delicate pink roses.



Intimissimi has opened to the doors to its secret garden, revealing the essence of femininity. Nuances are whispered in pastel tones for a soft, gentile reawakening of spring. An ancient, prized herbarium unfolds in embroidery and prints. The white lace of the body contrasts with floral motifs and three-dimensional applied details that seem to come alive thanks to a foliage effect, while tulle and minute trimmings embody the brand’s craftsmanship and quality.



Ancient references shape this line, characterised by warm tones, as enveloping as an embrace. An authentic essence lingers in the air, one that guides like a trail of light. Through bright, penetrating sunsets and green valleys, Intimissimi closes its eyes and imagines Latin American landscapes for these looks. Knitwear and nightwear focus on the always on-trend essence of linen, while chevron prints and lace dance with characteristic tassels.



A vibrant soul and passion in its veins: the Latin Vibes line was inspired by the bright hues of this distant land to animate garments that radiate energy. With immediate impact, these multicolour looks are fresh in their geometric patterns and tropical combinations. References to exotic flowers define prints in vibrant, fun tones. Sensuality is of course abundant, a fundamental quality of Latin American women, coming to life in transparencies, lace, and playful peek-a-boo details. Even white has its role to play, accenting the summery lightness of plumetis.

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