Everything began in Verona, with the creation of Calzedonia Group (it has now renamed Oniverse), a powerful, widely-known franchising network, which today has more than 5,197 stores in more than 53 countries around the world. INTIMISSIMI UOMO is an Italian brand, with collections of underwear, easy-wear, socks and swimwear that promote a modern masculine style.


INTIMISSIMI UOMO products have been exclusively designed for the man who thinks of himself as a citizen of the world. The masculine brand has created a world devoted to the modern man and his character. A pioneering, new concept store that welcomes the male public and makes them feel at home. The INTIMISSIMI UOMO man is careful of his image and pays attention to the quality and details that make the difference.


INTIMISSIMI UOMO is Clazedonia Group’s newest brand and numbers 417 stores in 37 countries (including Italy). A pioneering new chain dedicated to male consumers, synonymous with style, quality and comfort. The products are designed for the modern citizen of the world and they fulfil all his stylistic wishes, whether business look or lifestyle.


INTIMISSIMI UOMO provides a wide range of clothing, such as underwear, knitwear, nightwear, socks, and swimwear. The products are displayed in a cosy yet functional environment, which makes shopping a comfortable experience. These spaces stand out for the masculine nature of their decoration, with a unique design of natural materials such as wood framed by grainy iron and concrete. Today there are 12 stores in Greece.