We believe that recycling is an issue concerns us all. Our goal, through the environmentally friendly programs, is to develop the message that we can all make an effort in reduce waste, either by reusing collected items, saving energy and natural resources and reduce pollution, too. Furthermore, reuse is the most environmentally preferred alternative to other methods of waste management. Every one of us in CALIN, shares a common vision: to have a more eco-conscious attitude and we have chosen to actively contribute in improving the quality and level of our lives through these processes.

It is our great pleasure to see the overwhelming response of consumers regarding both brands recycling activities. Customers show a warm and great eco-conscious involvement that many times exceeds the discount benefit as large numbers of customers bring recycling items without looking forward to purchase, only to boost recycling.


Practically, the beginning was in 2011-2012, introducing two very successful recycling programs that were in the form of promotions. After that, the recycling programs were established, since the audience’s response was unbelievably positive.

CALZEDONIA Chain stores:

Each year, our customers are invited to recycle their old clothes and sea accessories (including flip flops, towels, cloth or plastic bags, swimwear, etc.) by bringing them and place them in the recycling bins located in all stores. This way, they purchase new collection products in reduced prices: 5 € for Women’s collection, 3 € for men collection and 2 € for children’s beachwear collection.

INTIMISSIMI Chain stores:

During the entire year, our customers are encouraged to bring their old bras and clothes of any brand into the stores for recycling, and therefore they have a discount when purchasing a new INTIMISSIMI item.

The items for recycling are sent to I: CO, a global recycling company for footwear and clothing. Also, we successfully recycled replacement window materials equipment, including 46 stores CALZEDONIA in Greece. These materials consist mainly of metal and plastic and are delivered to the company GENERAL RECYCLE SA.


Our company has been awarded for its friendly attitude towards the environment, by winning the bronze prize for «Enviromental Awards 2014» and in particular for its recycling operations concerning the brands CALZEDONIA and INTIMISSIMI. Both these green activities are made based on a purely customer-oriented approach and the belief that we can raise awareness of recycling one of the most essential issues of today’s world.

From 2011 we have recycled more than 85.000 different types of clothing, swimwear, underwear and beachwear. And we are still counting!