Pop art, pastel and romantic country: Spring Summer 22 is young, visionary, on-trend and, above all, versatile.

The main players include a host of different garments and styles, featuring soft, delicate nuances alternating with bolder colours, floral patterns and elegant sangallo lace.

The laid-back college collection is inspired by American university style, from college prints to logoed elastic bands that remind you of the bell ringing!

Super-comfy and sporty monochrome jumpsuits are timeless must-haves in any woman’s wardrobe, ready to be worn on spirited summer days for unique, eye-catching style.

Maxi stripes are back on timeless polo shirts in a playful blend of fresh, pop art colours.

Pastel vintage is the name of the second candyfloss-inspired range.

The candy-colour palette includes pastel shades and delicate lace detailing that embellish ribbed and satin tops to enhance and accentuate the silhouette.

The mood of the pieces is further enhanced by vintage shapes, creating a stylistic vibrance that sweetly surprises.

The basic collection is on every woman’s wish list and symbolises freshness, comfort and practicality.

Romantic memories is a range that both seduces and surprises.

It features floral patterns, sangallo lace and retro denim, designed to transport you back in time while still remaining on-trend.

The sheer babydolls are feminine and refined, evoking the much-loved ‘country dream’, as do the bustiers adorned with micro-floral patterns.

Jumpsuits, tops, trousers and lingerie sets, perfect for mixing and matching, represent the collection with an innovative and functional approach that ranges from extremely casual to extremely chic.

Quality and beauty are combined in a wide range of garments that add zest and originality to any outfit.

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