Italian knitwear brand Falconeri introduces Nuvola, a new cashmere sweater made from exquisite materials and expert techniques.

The name of the product, meaning ‘cloud’ in Italian, was inspired by its extraordinary light weight, the result of using a 2/46 cashmere yarn. To create the yarn, the longest, finest and most prized fibres from the undercoat of cashmere goats, living in just a few parts of Inner and Outer Mongolia, must be carefully selected.

Unique and particularly lightweight, this practical, comfortable jumper is perfect for any season, either worn under a jacket or on its own. To highlight the qualities of such a superb material, Falconeri has chosen an open knit, creating a sheer effect while ensuring unrivalled softness and an ethereal feel, just like a cloud!

Iconic in White, elegant in Black, and captivating in Sky Blue and Bubble gum Pink, the yarn is 100% dyed and spun in Italy. The Nuvola sweater comes in two versions: V-neck and crew neck.

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