The Intimissimi Show was a thrilling event on ice using special effects and presenting the stars of figure skating combined with opera and pop. Moreover, the distinguished costume designer Ali Madhavi was the one who inspired and created the impressive costumes of the show with reference to the trends and aesthetics of Intimissimi.

For the first time, the Roman amphitheater, known as the Arena di Verona, hosted the biggest names in the world of figure skating (Carolina Kostner, Stéphane Lambiel, and Hot Shivers) and stars of pop music scene, combining a magical way of fashion, art and technology. The 83-minute show, presented erotic stories on a frozen landscape and love in a world full of passion, where the ice breaks up and then it melts, in one of the most romantic cities in the world, the city of Verona.

The empty dance floor that the audience initially saw as they entered the Arena, was later transformed into a lake and then into a waterfall. The arena was transformed into ice, then into an iceberg, lightened by thousands of fire meteor tails, with the dancers on ice creating multicolored flames and great contrasts. The atmosphere was mainly sensual, between dream and reality. There were two acts and five worlds: The World of Ice, The Power of Dreams, of the Soul Fire, The Garden of Delights and the Final Celebration


In the unique setting of the Arena di Verona, a new original musical format will be born and, thanks to the perfect mash-up between opera and pop music, ice-skating, dance, fashion, design and technology, will give rise to an extraordinary operation, bound to become a totally new way of presenting skating and opera.

The poetic and narrative heart of the project is the constant contrast that exists between human warmth and the coldness of ice

Darkness and isolation succumb to the luminous power of the love which shows itself with the force of fire and light. A match is created, a couple is born. Woman seeks man and man seeks woman. It is the spring of sensuality, in a dance between suspended bodies, while nature cautiously observes it as a deceptively supportive onlooker, in a union between dream and reality. Two acts and five worlds: the world of ice, the power of dreams, the fire of the soul, the garden of delights and the celebration.

The unforgettable experience of a gala on ice created using special effects, with stars from the sports and music worlds united by the allure of a historical setting. All this results in a poetical international show with a high visual impact, that will be bound to amaze every generation, drawing inspiration from the success of one of the most beautiful galas on ice, Opera on Ice, designed and produced by Giulia Mancini.

Thanks to the modern direction by Francisco Negrin: chosen by the visionary creativity of Marco Balich because of his use of innovative techniques and projections.


The muses of Intimissimi, representing the Italian spirit of the brand around the world, have attended the show in the Arena. They are all famous, brilliant and sensual women who exude Intimissimi femininity, who starred on the red carpet and in this way they honored the 20 years story of the Italian lingerie brand.

The stunning Brazilian supermodel, Ana Beatriz Barros who stars in the AW14 campaign and has been again in the past the ambassador of the brand. Irina Shayk started her career in modeling with Intimissimi and she is now a world famous model. The impressive Katsia Zingarevich, the charming Spanish actress Blanca Suarez but also Bianca Balti who is a true model of Italian glamor! The latter one, is known for her collaborations with the biggest fashion brands, and was chosen as ambassador for Intimissimi in 2010, shortly after the birth of her daughter Matilda who has accompanied her mother on the red carpet.

The international fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), was also in the front row attending the Ice Pop Opera Show.



20-21 September:  25-year Kiesza (choreographer, singer)

September 20: singer Giorgia and Pharel Williams

September 21:  Anastacia.

The Intimissimi OPERAPOP on ice included pop songs and arias of the opera that were amazingly interpreted by five unique singers and a musician:

CONDUCTOR: Alessandro Cadario

VIOLINIST: Catharina Chen

OPERA SINGERS Elisa Balbo, Trine Bastrup Møller, Sara Hershkowitz, Enrique Ferrer, Palle Knudsen


  • 11 Olympic Figure Skating Champions plus many other Champions
  • 12,000 seats for each show
  • Over 200 hours of rehearsals by the skaters to prepare for the show
  • 13 of the greatest works of classical music were performed
  • 1,200 sq. m of ice for the set
  • Over 300 light fixtures for the light design
  • A total of over 210 people working on the project
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