Celebrating femininity and fun in every form: rock or romantic, sport or chic. Living every day in a different but equally unique way

Sometimes you wake up full of energy, sometimes you feel romantic, or just relaxed and casual, maybe a little aggressive, even a bit nostalgic… then let yourself surf through floral waves, dive into the navy style and dance into the summer in bright colors and – why not? – to a hot musical beat.


The Spring-Summer 2015 collection of Tezenis starts right out with what you wear against your skin: changeable and varying with the seasons, following an inspiration that surprises us anew every day, every minute.
Feeling rebellious? Why not dress in the startling beauty of a soft grunge for an eclectic look, ready to mix the femininity of lace and an overdose of roses with elements of pure rock’n roll, perfect to combine with dresses in leather and combat boots: black and purple with shadings of porcelain pink for a play on asymmetrical cuts, semi-ripped hems and necklines open on bare backs.

But even denim offers space and freedom to move and dance: for Tenzenis, the constant trend becomes fabrics that display a world of flowers, paisley prints and polka dots; everywhere, even for easywear and lingerie, inspired by ultra-light washings and a more intense canvas with inserts and prints in a jeans weave.
The material aspects take the spotlight, with texture and structure in starring roles, starting from nature and the geometries that the earth has to offer. Three-dimensional jacquards, bits of crêpe, veiling and transparency in smooth or elasticized models among the basics, where the daintiness merges into unisex codes.


The sports-lover is more likely to be intrigued by the dynamism of a sport chic style: evergreen details like inserts in mesh and two-tone cuffs, skirts in tulle and striped pants. Appropriate for any time of day for a mood of absolute black swirled with touches of flamingo pink, mint green or animalier.

Just watching an old Hollywood movie is all it takes to feel an irresistible attraction for the trends of the Fifties. Those were times of contrasts, and Tezenis interprets them perfectly in its combinations of lady-like touches with the most seductive pin-up inspirations: high-necklines and narrow waistlines in the foreground, played in pastel colors and vintage patterns, micro-tartans and polka dots, fruit and butterflies, or delicate Vichy. That era certainly brings back echoes of the unforgettable Navy style, thinking of icons like Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe: stripes, polka dots and sailor prints like tiny anchors and rudders, knots and drawstrings in creamy palettes and shades of blue, once again celebrating lines from the Fifties.


When the time comes to move toward the hottest part of the summer, nothing says it like a real California Summer, the collective fantasy of effervescent fun made of surf and ablaze with color. The perfect mood for patterns of tropical fruit and flowers, even a multicolored animalier. A million lights gleam in the play of holographic prints, lurex and sequins to liven every outfit under the sun (not to mention flash bulbs), giving every woman the allure of an irresistible mermaid. While the California summer thrives on music, to the rhythm of the most famous music festivals, the Coachella summer focuses more in the direction of that Seventies look that made the history of the rock festivals, with embroidered jeans shorts and lace blouses, little floral dresses and ethnic touches that will bring the Tenzenis summer instantly toward all the most modern, joyous elements evoking the hippie side of feminism.

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