“Pollinate the Planet” is the slogan for Tezenis and 3Bee’s recently launched partnership.

3Bee, an agri-tech company which produces state-of-the-art resources for beekeepers, is actively committed to protecting bees, which are invaluable for the planet.

The biodiversity that surrounds us is the result of their painstaking hard work. 3Bee aims to preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystem by protecting bees.

Climate change, pollution and increased use of pesticides have led to the disappearance of 40% of the world’s bee population in just 30 years.

How can we help reverse the decline in the world’s bee population?

Tezenis has joined together with 3Bee in a special collaboration that will make it possible to protect their hives. The exclusive Hive Tech system enables each hive to be carefully and accurately monitored, thanks to 3Bee supported by Tezenis.

Tezenis has also created a capsule collection decorated with cute bees, comprising T-shirts, underwear and pyjamas, to help protect our friends, the bees.

For each piece purchased from the 3Bee collection, or for a minimum spend of €50, Tezenis will donate part of the proceeds to help save 100 bees. The aim is to protect 10 million bees by protecting 167 hives.

“Pollinate the Planet” with Tezenis and 3Bee!

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