Intimissimi Uomo presents the new 2021 campaign. A new story full of humour and lightness starring Diletta Leotta.

The brand focuses again on its best seller:

the basic boxer, a premium product at a unique price of €9.90.

The campaign introduces the boxer  and its features: comfort, breathability and resistance.

A customer enters an Intimissimi Uomo store and suddenly finds himself plunged into a secret laboratory. He tries on the product assisted by an exceptional scientist, the brand ambassador Diletta Leotta.

Science and fashion come together perfectly as Intimissimi Uomo reveals the true science behind boxers in an ironic and clever way, ideal for both wearing and gift giving!

Intimissimi Uomo is not only synonymous with quality, but also with transparency. Checks are made all along the production chain: 94% of the items in Intimissimi Uomo stores are produced in the brand’s own factories, both in Italy and abroad. This model allows the brand to ensure high quality at an affordable price.

The transparent approach is even more evident on the online shop thanks to the section called “traceability” in the product page of each garment, containing details of the facilities where the garment was manufactured.

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