Calzedonia Beachwear Collection 2021 is a journey through nature’s colours, an itinerary that reinterprets our burning desire to connect with unspoilt views and idyllic landscapes.

The colour palette begins with calm, natural shades inspired by earthy colours such as INDIAN BROWN or warm, sensual GLOSSY RED.

From the land to the sea. To the turquoise shades of the ocean floor which inspire PARADISE BLUE, shading through the cool tones of ICE MINT to the deep, intense ocean blue of HYPER. Calzedonia’s Beachwear Collection 2021 also includes bikinis in vibrant, dazzling colours such as ACID LILAC, LIME BEAT and FLAMINGO PINK.

Calzedonia 2021 key pieces for next summer are based on themes which revolve around travel, in complete harmony with nature.

PRETTY FLOWERS is inspired by the landscape of Polynesia and sophisticated Côte d’Azur in Southern France. Micro and macro floral motifs abound on the dynamic, mood-enhancing bikinis in this range. Romantic petals, floral patchwork and more exotic references with a vintage vibe define this theme which harmonizes perfectly with nature.

Calzedonia’s tour takes us to Cape Verde and the coolest, on-trend beaches of Riccione with the GIPSY DREAMER mood.

Gypsy style for next summer is lively, bright and casual, capturing folklore and free spirit, downplaying unusual combinations of textures, colours and patterns.

This colourful, fun trend features the perfect combination of lace, crochet, paisley and animal prints evoking a wild, untamed look. Key pieces for summer 2021 once again include broderie anglaise and crochet, not just in classic white but also pastel colours.

Everything pairs seamlessly with the warm, vibrant colours of 3D textured swimwear: a longing for femininity and lightness!

On-trend OPALESCENT SEA is especially for all those women who love to sparkle and shine like sunlight on the sea. The pearl effect of shells and oysters inspire bikinis featuring innovative, gleaming light effects with metallic finishes and tone-on-tone, iridescent metallic threads. Colourful starfish prints, sequins in ocean colours and tropical fish complete this mood.

The more fashionable won’t be able to resist this hugely successful trend, not just on the catwalks of major international brands but also among the most photographed and popular celebs, models and influencers. Strapping bikini, triangle and briefs with very long laces tied across the body, a key piece for summer 2021. In addition to two-pieces, Calzedonia also offers various one-piece swimsuits in line with this trend. Fashion-forward, on-trend yet hyper-feminine styles, a sure thing for next summer.

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