Calzedonia picks out from the male and sartorial wardrobe, for an impeccable aplomb jacquard. For both leggings and tights, the patterns range from: classic check to pied-de-coq, prince of wales to chevron, and pinstripes to tartan (presented in pop colors).

Shine bright like a diamond. Shine with your own light will be an easy game thanks to the sparkling textures of the Calzedonia collection. The fabrics are presented in gold, bronze, pink and silver, and are introduced in a variety textures which consist of glossy coatings, metal prints, laminated fabrics, translucent fabrics, shiny rainbow, mirrored effects, glitter and futuristic discs sequences.

It’s logo mania! The most fashionable looks require monograms from head to toe. Here is the new “CLZ” logo, the brand’s initials. Another new pattern is the “Calzedonia” written print, which is placed all over the tights. Finally, for the romantics here are poetic Shakespeare micro tulle prints.

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