For the SS15 season, Calzedonia presents the new range of shaping products created using Emana® technology polyamide smart yarn.This extremely innovative technology incorporates bioactive minerals into the yarn, thus boosting heat exchange and penetrating into the skin to improve blood microcirculation by 88%.

Rigorous clinical tests conducted by international cosmetic laboratories have certified and validated the efficacy of the benefits brought by Emana®, emphasising a significant improvement in the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
Calzedonia has chosen to adopt Emana® technology for its famous push-up leggings, available in black and denim. The range of Emana® products for Calzedonia also includes a short and long girdle, thus offering a complete selection of shaping items able to meet the needs of every woman seeking to enhance the appearance of their skin. After wearing the comfortable items in the Calzedonia’s Emana® range for a month, the difference is visible. Six hours a day for four weeks is sufficient to see and feel the benefits of the effective, innovative Emana® technology: all you have to do is wear your favourite Calzedonia items.

The benefits of technology Emana®

  • Improves blood circulation naturally
  • Increases cell metabolism, secretion of collagen and skin elasticity
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Makes the skin more healthy, youthful, hydrated and elastic
  • Increases resistance to standing
  • Ensures a perfect fit and noticeable recovery without tightening
  • Evenly distributes the lactic acid caused by the effort so you last longer in exhaustion
  • Keeps feet at a constant temperature


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