Calzedonia, the leading name in legwear, presents a new premium line with “Made in Italy” DNA, a hallmark that has always been synonymous with high quality.
The new Made in Italy line, with 8 different variations of unique and exquisite tights, is destined to become the must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Day after day, Calzedonia strives to create designs that satisfy the tastes and needs of every woman. The new tights expand the product line offered in store, creating a unique shopping experience –becoming the place of choice for those seeking the finest expertise in the legwear sector – for specialised products which combine superior quality and style, focused on the latest trends.
Elegant, prized yarn stake shape in 8 variations of tights suitable for every style and occasion:

Total Shaper:
30 denier perfection. As if by magic, in a stroke, the stomach, hips and glutes are under control.  Medium support to legs for a well-being sensation and shapely, light legs. Available also in 80 denier.

Totally Invisible: 
Supremely comfortable tights with no seams. Invisible even under the tightest garments.  Available sheer 20 denier, matt, or 50 denier.

Back Seam:
Tights sheer, 20 denier. The full length line down the back give a touch of timeless femininity. Ideal for glamorous evening wear.

Extremely Matt:
Tights sheer, 20 denier. Ultra matt, ideal for a natural effect. Extremely comfortable, designed to provide a perfect fit thanks to the pressure free waistband.

Resistant 15:
Tights sheer 15 denier, matt. Designed to last longer, thanks to innovative yarns that prevent ladders from running down the legs. Perfect for everyday wear.

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