Cashmere is the latest trend in premium-quality fibres. Falconeri presents two warm, luxurious lines for next Autumn/Winter.

Ultra Soft Cashmere and Ultra Light Cashmere for essential, versatile, 24/7 wearability.
More designs than ever with simple lines – irresistible, cool items for every wardrobe. Falconeri’s wide range of chic, elegant pieces, combined with 100% Made in Italy production, is enhanced by the refined colour palette which ranges from classic the black, blue and grey to more trendy shades of ruby red, nutmeg and cornflower blue for women, plus wine and airforce blue for the menswear collection.

Ultra Light and Ultra Soft cashmere feature a fully-fashioned stocking stitch with seamless construction, making them remarkably comfortable.
The fibres used and every stage of manufacturing are strictly Made in Italy, just like the brand’s DNA.

Ultra Soft is a winter-weight cashmere, warm and soft to the touch.

Ultra Light is warm, lightweight cashmere giving a touch of luxury for everyday wear in all seasons.
Essential, practical, soft and airy pieces.

The Ultra Soft cashmere line for women includes several designs: crew neck, V-neck, turtleneck, cardigan and short-sleeved jumper.
For men: crew neck, V-neck, zipped and turtleneck.
The Ultra Light cashmere line for women includes cardigan, open cardigan, V-neck sweater, wide-shoulder tank top, short-sleeved jumper, turtleneck and crew neck models.
Menswear includes V-neck, crew neck and zipped designs.

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