A collection that embodies reflections of snowcapped ridges as they almost

“I not live in myself, but I become portion of that around me, and to me High mountains are a feeling …”

(Lord Byron)

For Autumn / Winter 2016/2017 season, Falconeri continues its close relationship with nature and use exciting, unspoiled region of the Dolomites as a backdrop for the new campaign.

Of course, the natural fibers are still the protagonists.

A warm and sensual atmosphere with a backdrop of majestic Italian mountains summarizes the seductive but distinctive collection.

Soft shapes and soft textures, in a color palette ranging from white to all shades of gray, with tons of sand and burgundy: a collection that encapsulates reflections snowy ridge as almost touch the sky.

The unspoiled scenery ideally prove once again the fashion identity of the brand Falconeri.

The marketing strategy of the brand has always been closely linked with nature, with trips to Italy and to the endless Icelandic land.

For the season Autumn / Winter 2016/2017, nature is not only interpreted as a meaning of escape and freedom but as a sensual beauty, seductive and relaxed at the same time.


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