Intimissimi presents FIBER collections, with all-time classic options in versatile top and bodysuits that accompany everyday stylistic choices, offering a sense of luxury in every outfit.

PURE SILK: The collection is based on silk, that with its bright and shiny texture follows all fashion trends. Silk is hypoallergenic, keeps body heat in the winter and gives a sense of coolness in the summer. It is one of the most durable natural fibers and remains a solid choice for chic looks.

WOOL & SILK: The collection uses wool and silk and the result is the epitome of style. The basic ingredient, wool is extremely durable and a natural insulating material. The thinner the cloth, the more insulating it is! Ideal choice for winter and for every body type – the collection’s items are delightfully soft and can be worn on any occasion in mix & match choices.

ULTRALIGHT WITH CASHMERE: The ultra-fine texture of this collection makes it a perfect choice for combinations with Bralettes and lingerie tops. The cashmere, a precious, extremely soft fiber, enhances every look with a silky feel and perfect fit.

SOFT CASHMERE: Softness is the ultimate star! The collection offers gentle and warm items that accompany our everyday activities, giving a sense of warmness to the body. Casual chic looks for those who want warm and comfortable choices.

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