Folk trend: The Calzedonia capsule collection dedicated to Frida Kahlo

Calzedonia spring/summer 2021 legwear collection is a journey to discover the traditions and clothing of countries and cultures that have shaped the course of fashion and inspired trends that have become fundamental over time.

This itinerary is taken by travelers with refined elegance, interpreted in a pop key.

Calzedonia’s voyage starts in the picturesque cities of Latin America and draws upon the symbolism of Mexican folk art.

Painter Frida Kahlo, a symbol of tenacity, independence and a strong sense of self, has inspired this capsule collection of tights and socks, pieces that combine folk art and feminine elements.

Kahlo’s signature style, from long circle skirts to embroidered blouses and intricate floral compositions in her hair, is rich with aesthetic imagery and has allowed the artist to resonate with audiences even in the 21st century, becoming the focus of international fashion and inspiring the collections of haute couturiers and the fashion world in general, from runways to streetwear trends.

Calzedonia has interpreted the key elements of Kahlo’s look and created a colorful capsule collection rich with patches and graphic and floral elements.

The eccentric and unique pieces in the collection are to be styled with sporty-chic outfits that convey the positivity and energy inherent to the Calzedonia spring collection.

Socks, entirely on-trend today and stars of countless cool outfits in recent months (loungewear and otherwise), come alive with fun, bright prints in true ‘Rebel’ style.

Micro floral prints, the artist’s face, or even decorative symbols from Mexican culture, such as skulls, enliven the collection’s cotton socks. The terry cloth socks with a stylized and sketched outline of Kahlo and her distinctive floral headpiece on the back are a tribute to her most famous self-portrait.

Of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without tights, the garment symbolizing femininity and character par excellence.

Calzedonia has also placed Kahlo’s stylized outline and quotes from her famous journal entries in an all-over flocked version of sheer tights, and her positive ‘Viva la vida’ message as a detail on the back of lively fuchsia sheer tights. These trendy touches have the power to transform garments as essential as sheer tights into ultra-modern ‘it’ pieces.

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