Exquisite yarns, timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship are the essence of cashmere from Falconeri, a brand that has made quality its hallmark.

Those who choose Falconeri choose not just a garment, but an entire world that reflects them. From the harvesting of the fibres in Mongolia to the arrival of the garments in our boutiques, each step in the supply chain is controlled, focused on attention to detail and respect for every entity involved, from people to the environment.

Falconeri collections are the epitome of timeless style that goes beyond fleeting trends yet is capable of reinventing itself. This is precisely why the fall/winter 2020 collection marks the début of printed cashmere.

Printed cashmere by Falconeri embodies the brand’s artistic undertones and, like many other inventions, its creation can be attributed to chance, to a moment in the daily life of designer Giulia Sartini. With a multifaceted and versatile soul, the story behind the printed cashmere series helps us see how women can be mothers, partners, friends and professionals all at once. All spheres of influence converge; it is impossible to keep them separate.

‘One evening, while I was making dinner, my son was working on an art project. I walked over to help him and the sleeve of my pullover was accidentally stained with his tempera paint. While I was trying to remove it, my mind grasped something abstract, a sketch that created a new sort of harmony. I then realised that some sort of disruptive element should be included in my collections too. Thus, printed cashmere was born.’

Falconeri aims to convey a new vision of cashmere, making garments in this exquisite fibre even more unique and vivid. In addition to the abstract pattern, Sartini was inspired by other elements in the world around her, giving rise to floral print cashmere and the potential to create many others. This new element has added personality and a graphic quality to the brand’s superior cashmere, embodied by the ‘etched’ and ‘tapestry’ motifs.

These patterns become an additional distinguishing element, extending from cashmere to other garments and materials, taking shape on dresses, silk shirts and shirt dresses. The new prints have been designed to convey an attitude that embodies dynamism and the desire to think outside the box.

Undeniable personality defines the varied, heterogeneous series of garments in this signature capsule collection. Each with its own look and individuality, this kaleidoscope of graphic motifs generates different worlds to get lost in, a path to discover the true value of cashmere and other natural fibres.

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