Summer is just around the corner and Tezenis, the coolest and youngest brand of the Oniverse group, is ready to present a first wave of its Summer Collection.

The direction taken is an elevation of the basic, with garments ranging from classic rib to vibrant shiny microfiber, accommodating every taste, need and body.

The collection does not fail to include family proposals and timeless prints such as micro-flowers, animalier patterns and iconic bandanas, for those looking for a timeless and iconic look. Jungle patterns, embellished with fresh sorbet shades, on the other hand, will please even the boldest and most contemporary segment of consumers.

Finally, the great protagonist of the season is the coated effect, enriched with jewel applications and maxi-paillettes, for day-to-night outfits suitable for every summer occasion.

With its eclectic Mare 2024 collection, Tezenis consolidates its position as a brand aware to the needs of a wide audience, celebrating the authenticity and spontaneity of every moment

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