The green initiative of Intimissimi is back with the motto “We recycle and give value to your old clothes”.

Intimissimi loves the environment and proves it by the successful recycling activity that became a must do. Now you can recycle your old lingerie and clothes as well- of any brand- in all Intimissimi stores. Clothes and underwear are divided into four categories and depending on the kind of clothe you recycle, you get a particular value coupon for purchases you make until the 30 of November 2015, in all Intimissimi stores throughout Greece.

Each voucher can be used until December 31, 2015 and redeemed at any Intimissimi store throughout Greece. After this date the vouchers cannot be redeemed.

Bra = 3 €

Blouses for men and women, (T -shirts, shirts, sweaters, etc.) = 2 €

Pyjamas for men and women = 2 €

Slip or underwear = 1 €

If for example, you recycle an old sweater and two old bras, you will receive one coupon of 2 € (for the sweater) and 2 coupons of 3 € (1 for each bra).

The coupons are cumulative, so if you have more than one, of the same or different values, you calculate their total value, in order to participate in a single product or products purchase. The value of a single coupon or the value of many coupons at the same time that are going to be used in a purchase will not be able to exceed the 20% of the total value of each purchase. Also, the purchase value will be calculated only for standard selling price of the products. Promotional and discount products are not participating in the recycling action.

Your old and secondhand clothes will be sent directly to I:CO specialized in recycling.

Then, I: CO will re-use the clothes in one of the following methods:
Recycling: Old fabrics, which are not suitable for the production of new clothes, will be converted in recycled fibres and TNT (disposable fabric) to be used for the realisation of insulating material for car industry, for example.
Re-wear: clothes which are still wearable will be proposed again on the worldwide market, as second-hand clothes.
Re-use: Products that are not more wearable, will be converted in other special products, like for example dust clothes.
Intimissimi loves the environment, and recently has been awarded with the bronze prize of Environmental Awards 2014, in the recycling category!

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