A new concept store exclusively for the man – Intimissimi Uomo opens now in Greece! Discover SS ’18 collections in underwear, easywear, socks and swimsuits that suggest a modern men’s style.

The Intimissimi Menswear Collection Spring/Summer 2018 is an explosion of colour. For the upcoming warmer weather, the men’s underwear brand is inspired by that holiday feeling. The confident and relaxed cross-generational style is a hit with a younger generation and confirms its position among the most popular adult brands.

First stop on the itinerary, the Mediterranean with sea and sky blue pastel shades as backdrops on underwear. Holiday destinations inspire a fresh, versatile style. The Intimissimi Menswear collection brings that holiday vibe to you in the city as the memories on your smartphone colour your everyday life.

Continuing on to California, the collection’s pop soul is expressed through prints borrowed from Los Angeles graffiti, fluo tones give life to contemporary pattern inspired by pop art.

Coming home is a return to the everyday life we love so much. A style aimed at comfort and practicality, with a reassuringly relaxed touch that focuses on the past, such as quintessential tie prints.

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