EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE. The FW20 Falconeri collection draws even closer to Earth.Pure, enigmatic and multifaceted, nature in all its grandeur never fails to impress and fascinate us. Yet, bringing us back to our origins also provides comfort and serenity. Attentive to the environment since the day the brand was founded, the new Falconeri collection explores the four elements, aiming to merge with them.

With the goal of a primordial return to Mother Earth, color becomes the protagonist of Falconeri garments, from cashmere to other natural yarns. The thread of the tweed collection embodies this ideal, mixing various hues and highlighting the natural tones of the earth, and water in shades of blue.

Rust in all its gradients echoes the colors of falling leaves in autumn, providing us with a sense of fullness and circularity. Army green, the quintessential symbol of nature, provides stability and harmony in cozy sweaters and unlined jackets.

The infinite horizons of the sea and the heavens are expressed in sky blue and indigo, allowing plenty of room for the imagination and future projections. The pea coat is pure softness thanks to the use of exquisite cashmere, which has even been used to craft the rib-knit collar. Blue, brown and green ensure nature and its elements are the stars once again. Milky white and carbon black close the circle, mixing and rebalancing the whole.

Cashmere or merino wool offer all their strength and warmth, while a focus on knits and textures ensures a unique look for each piece. Interplays of weaves and stitches bring out the beauty of the yarn, making it a must-have for the upcoming season. Performance garments act as an interlude in the collection: practical and versatile, they can be worn just about in any informal context, and can even become the perfect complement for urban looks.

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