When simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


The Spring/Summer 2021 Falconeri collection expresses the desire for a return to nature, to the simple and authentic things. The quality of raw materials and the use of handcrafted detailing are the keystone of the collection.

On the one hand, nature is sublimated through an extreme and primordial sense of touch, thanks to exquisite lightweight fabrics and delicate ethereal nuances, where time seems like a non-dimension and everything is pervaded by its purity.

On the other hand, it is boisterous and lively: eccentric and feisty Spain is the setting, where the only thing that matters is the Here and Now, the joie de vivre and the desire to live life to the fullest, in all its rich and intense colors, ranging from sangria to coral up to mahogany.

To give that extra edge to the collection, come warm and vivid tones, such as fuchsia and mahogany, as well as natural hues of cream, apple green and lagoon blue.

The result is a mix of many different items that come together in one, creating a solid collection where all the elements are inextricably linked, a kaleidoscopic array of new colors and patterns that expresses itself through outfits that are all about a comfy, casual and effortless look.

A boho-chic touch is added by shades of faraway horizons, the new colors of degrade Cashmere Ultralight, designed for relaxed-fit crewnecks and V-necks. The degrade effect lends an impalpable feel to the garments, which pair harmoniously with any look.

The Fringe trend is back in vogue, adorning and enhancing a variety of eccentric items of character, such as Cashmere Ultralight dresses, skirts and sweaters. Two standout pieces take center stage: a relaxed-fit oversize V-neck sweater and an asymmetric cardigan with fine interplays of volumes.

Silk, in all its purity, takes on an unconventional and dynamic twist, with a range of styles – from shirts to dresses – that becomes a blank canvas where spring comes to life, with blooming flowers and flying butterflies, as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

A fine blend of silk and cotton gives life to a yarn that characterizes a broad and practical array of knitwear essentials that is perfect for any occasion, at any time of the day. This yarn combines premium quality with comfort and versatility, becoming the undisputed star of a varied selection of pieces: from short-sleeve tops to cardigans and crewnecks up to sporty sweatshirts.

The cotton and silk line is enlivened by new details that lend a unique and distinctive flair to the designs from the collection. Necklines and cuffs are embellished with satin or crochet trims featuring metallic-effect yarns, while tees are brightened up by floral prints or paisley patterns, and the logomania trend makes a comeback, with the Falconeri wordmark that stands out on the new sweaters.

A sporty-chic allure also for the cotton and silk sweatshirts, which are the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Premium fabrics meet a casual attitude and a versatile and relaxed look.

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