Hold me “tights”. A breeze of novelty which refreshes the Calzedonia tights, socks and leggings collection. A mix of different patterns are presented, from elegant dégradé rhombuses, to stripes that break-up and intertwine, polka dots that lend themselves to garter effects, and geometric patterns that are shaken up by perfectly balanced movements.

The colour palette also changes, not only black, but also in many other natural colours such as beige and rope, dark blue, and warm terracotta. A Classic Refresh for the reinvented the stripey and polka dot cotton socks.

There is no spring without flowers. This is how Calzedonia relates to the Floral Impression. A light bouquet of romantic proposals, a delicate garden that blooms with a tulle base, a thin net and sheer bases. The tights are depicted with pure white, seductive black and soft pink colours. A botanical chic mood for both tights and socks.

Romance does not end here. Tights and socks which relate to the theme déjeuner sur l’herbe. Chic Nic, becomes the protagonist of the seasonal legwear mood, where checked patterns cover both tights and socks, inspired by picnics and open-air snacks.

Be positive! Fill your wardrobe with happiness and lust for life, thanks to a fresh and sparkling rainbow of colours. The theme Shades of Rainbow interprets tights in full or shaded colours, glittery and bright, or embellished with light points in an elegant dégradé. This seasons essential, expand the Network. This new network processing is expanding and taking inspiration from fishnet tights, so trendy as seen on sports clothing.

The Calzedonia leggings for the SS20 season are enriched with new details. Many denim texture proposals for a jeans, thanks to different washes and shades of the classic Genoa canvas. For a more rock look, there is the leather effect leggings presented in a more special and shinier polish, and even in a more soft tone as if it were suede. Athleisure has a new ally: the Sporty Casual leggings, with contrasting stripes, waist bands and zips.

But the real novelty for the season are the leggings made up of bamboo fibers. They are biodegradable, a decomposition process  which does not pollute – the material is extracted without the use of toxic agents, and has a super elastic yield without any need to be mixed with other substances. It is also GREEN, when it is cultivated it uses only 1/3 of the water consumption compared to cotton plants, it is a sustainable answer to casualwear.


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