Take a deep dive into the new features of the beach collection.

A new peached fabric is seen across the entire collection. It is lightweight, more comfortable than ever and quick-drying.

There is also a new range of swimming trunks with micro-embroidered motifs, for those who love sophistication even at the beach.

A new colour palette, with the addition of pastel shades such as light blue, brick red, pacific blue, army green, lemon, pink and aqua green, is capable of adapting to different needs in terms of style. Plus, the new washed technique has also been included in the swimwear line, perfectly coordinated with underwear and t-shirts.

They include NBA designs, with logo-printed swimwear (and a longer surf-style cut), as well as Popeye, with cool micro-motifs, and Snoopy from Peanuts, who completes the collection with a unique and exclusive swimming trunk.

Completing the list of holiday essentials are beach towels, duffel bags and rubber slippers to match the styles and prints of the swimwear collection.

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