Barbie® and Tezenis celebrate Tezenis’ new Autumn capsule collection

On the 9th March 1959 a new doll is triumphantly presented at the Toy Fair in New York: its name is Barbie®.
She is the first fashion doll in the world, 29.5 cm tall, and has the features of a young woman. She interprets the desire and and the aspiration of new generations wanting to relate to adulthood. From that day, Barbie® has rappresented the feminine icon much idolised by modern society, capturing the latest trends, adapting to our lives and interpreting the dreams and aspirations of young generations.

Barbie® has seen unrivalled success, becoming the one and only diva doll, and has been an icon for at least the past fifty years.
And, just as a real diva would, she is always in line with the latest trends, inspiring industries that are far off from the world of toys.
The Tezenis brand perfectly identifies with this historical icon, a teenager and pop-spirit at heart, defined since its birth in 1959 as “The Teenage Fashion Model”.

The iconic logo, prints of the doll and evocative catchy slogans inspired by the Barbie® World, are only a few examples of the Tezenis capsule collection featuring t-shirts and jumpers for women and kids. The fashion pop collection is completed by a pyjama and lingerie set that will be in store from mid September.
With the Barbie® capsule collection, Tezenis is giving you the possibility to have fun and wear exciting/young garments, but also to share this passion with your daughter!

As a matter of fact, the capsule collection was conceived as a moment of sharing and as a shopping experience dedicated to mother and daughter, with the idea of creating emotional and unforgettable memories!
Each garment is indeed proposed in sizes for both women and children.

The capsule collection is destined to become a ‘must-have’ for the Autumn season, featuring as a protagonist the most collected doll in the world, friend, allie, confidant and now also protagonist of your sporty chic look!
To celebrate the capsule collection created by Tezenis, Mattel has created a limited “One Of a Kind Doll” series, dolls that sport a few of the collection’s items, specifically created to fit Barbie!

A faithful reproduction, down to the smallest details, of items ranging from jumpers to t-shirts, with the same graphic prints and the same fashion pop mood. The One Of a Kind Dolls will be placed in Tezenis’ most important stores, both in Italy and abroad, starting from September, to celebrate the arrival of the collection in store. All Tezenis stores will have specially dedicated windows for this capsule collection, with graphic designs inspired by the most famous Fashion Doll in the world. But that’s not all: the most important stores will also host a weekend event dedicated to all Barbie and Tezenis fans!

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