Denim & Safari: Leap into the light, spring forward, with the sun on your shoulders, wearing casual denim, a symbol of freedom of movement and adventure. This season, Tezenis takes denim and infuses it with adventure and courage. The Safari look features garments with timeless simplicity, from dungarees to masculine shirts, even palazzo trousers. Animal print designs tame wild patterns by softening them with black & white geometries.

Garçonne: IT girls all over the world and fashion catwalks alike celebrate the Garçonne look as an emblem of unexpected sensuality, interpreted with style stolen from a man’s wardrobe.The world of #TezenisGarçonne features a new femininity with inspiration from the ’20s and colour palettes in tones of smokey grey, white and black. It’s then reinterpreted by the brand with geometrical prints, contrasting black & white on light, sheer fabrics, pleated trousers with braces, and belts combined with lose-fitting knitwear. The shirt, revisited in cotton and denim, is the protagonist of this sexy, unexpected look.

Playful: Tezenis believes in pink, which is why the Playful line features the intrigue of innocent femininity that ultimately leads to pastel, rosy tones. The triangle bras are covered with daisies and sweets, the briefs are covered with petals floating on air, the denim shirt’s statement is clear: HATE or LOVE.

Casual Couture: Clothing becomes a mid-summer dream; garments mix transparencies with ironic lettering on tank-tops and sweatshirts with a unique, cool and social style. The Casual Couture inspiration takes shape in black & white, pastel pink and Japan blue. Polka dots, minimal lettering and two-colour inserts make the casual-chic trousers a perfect match for a blazer and shirt. 3D fabrics, extensive use of light scuba, terry cloth and mesh inserts.

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