Tezenis’s new Fashion Underwear Campaign is presented by the local ambassador of the brand, Mary Synatsaki. Tezenis, with roots in the music word, is inspired by underground music scenes, expressing the fresh vibes of the collection. A unique collection dedicated to the cool audience of the brand that is looking for a rock style.

The romantic lace meets the stud printed elastic inserts, golden stars are decorating bodysuits and lingerie sets, vinyl textures and rubberized leather volume up the skirts and leggings, velvet lace and polka dot tulle are characterizing the hot look of the season.

Mary Synatsaki enters her “role” and is photographed in on-stage and backstage mood, while behind every photograph is the well-known photographer Kostas Koutayar. The Underwear Campaign runs with Billboard in the Public Transport and in Social Media

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