Made with love. Intimissimi celebrates love again this year, especially the love women hold for themselves.

A new level understanding that does not abide by fixed rules, because being seductive is first and foremost about women and their own view of femininity.
This is how the Intimissimi collection for Valentine’s Day was designed to please oneself, as well as to please others, with a concentration of lace and sheer fabrics.
Fatal attraction is ensured with stretch tulle embellished with delicate tone-on-tone floral patterns.

Dark and sophisticated, black is the color of choice for bodysuits with plunging necklines, babydolls with pretty little bows adorning the décolleté, lingerie sets consisting of bras and classic briefs and thongs, as well as garters decorated with interlacing and weaves. Sheer and on-trend mesh fabrics are the key details of this lingerie collection designed to enhance the various shapes of the female body, all different and beautiful in their own way.

An intriguing and clever part of the collection called “Be My Valentine” is made even more special by the use of “green” lace, produced using recycled fibers as certified by the special label.

A sleek setup has been designed to enhance the garments, rendered even more special by an interesting use of lighting: magical rainbow refractions are created with the use of prisms, with surprising 3D results.

The three models in the spotlight reflect three different ways of being a woman, each with their own unique features and personalities, because there isn’t just one way to be and feel seductive.

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