The Tezenis show has never been just a catwalk show, rather an interactive, enthralling spectacular with the world of music in its DNA.
Inspiration and mood are based on a “street” CLUB with a concrete-effect catwalk. The scenery recreates the ambience of a “cool” club in a New York basement, with a maxi disco ball reflecting and illuminating the stage.
Sitting front row at the Tezenis show will be top names from the Italian music scene: Emma, Annalisa, Levante and Francesca Michielin, along with leading millennials. Social networks and the internet remain a key reference point, with bloggers, muses, youtubers and influencers, including Valentina Ferragni and Giulia de Lellis.

Surprise DJ set with celebrated female guest: PARIS HILTON!
An exclusive club, an invitation and “pass” to an exceptional experience, a catwalk parade within a spectacular show.
Welcome to the Tezenis Club!
In collaboration with TONY & GUY and MAC.

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