Falconeri, brand which is part of the Calzedonia Group since 2009, specializes in cashmere and natural-yarn knitwear for men and women. The highest quality raw materials, tradition, creativity and accessible prices: once again the brand is staying true to its foundations and focusing on the everlasting strength of the classics and new trends.

Cashmere, icon of the brand meets the athleisure with the “Natural Performance” line. Garments with a casual and sporty mood, perfect to wear for every situation of the day, from the office to joyful spare time with friends. New details and fits are proposed thanks to the introduction of side bands and ribbed patterns combined with oversized and comfortable shapes. Sportswear becomes a current style, a reflection of modern and contemporary elegance.

“Knitwear Lovers”, perfect pieces for women who do not want to give up the softness and warmth of knitwear. This season comfortable and enveloping jumpers and coats become the perfect outfit to wear during the day and at night. Knitwear will be women’s warmest ally thanks to the new fit of the oversized sweaters and dresses, ribbed sweaters, fluffy details, and coats with three-dimensional stitches.

Purity and splendor of the orient brings us to the last theme of the collection “Orient Express”, a design that celebrates the return to authentic femininity and elegance reinterpreted by a contemporary style. Coats and jackets with textures of leaves, kimonos characterized by precious paisley jacquard patterns, radiant silks and irresistible transparencies. Styles and designs which relate to different personalities of today’s women.

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