Support without straps up to cup E.

The hot season is just around the corner, along with the need to transform the usual support of every woman into something invisible. Intimissimi has always accentuated the femininity of every woman, and this year it expands its strapless styles to Italian size 6*, thereby offering a range of bras that suit all breast types. The wide array of styles is designed to perfection, guaranteeing unrestricted support, function, versatility and practicality.

The new Giada is the summer’s standout style. This inclusive bandeau bra is capable of uplifting breasts up to an Italian size 6*, ensuring maximum support. Giada is offered alongside the collection’s vast range of other styles, which respond to the various needs of all women. The Dalia, Monica and Gioia bandeau bras provide different types of décolletés for optimum volume, while the lightly padded Laura and Anna offer cosy support. The line is designed to meet the specific needs of all women, as well as offer truly invisible support for up to Italian size 6*. Items fit like a second skin, adapting to each woman’s body type and blending with the skin tone.

Once again, the advertising campaign showcases women’s lingerie offering the perfect balance between elegance and functionality, thanks to use of women of various shapes and needs. Intimissimi celebrates femininity — a femininity that is never ostentatious, but that each woman innately possesses inside herself, which she expresses naturally, feeling at perfect ease on every occasion.


#intimissimicares project: traceability

“Improving is part of our culture. This is our idea of sustainability.”

Since its foundation, Intimissimi has made a name for itself not only for the quality and beauty of its garments, but also for its extensive control over the production chain. 94% of the items sold in Intimissimi stores are actually produced by factories owned by the company in Italy and abroad. This decision allows production management to be coordinated with the other phases of the supply chain, ensuring total dedication to brand needs and the elimination of intermediaries. In this way, it is possible to maintain high quality at an affordable price. This business model involves significant investments and the opportunity to offer jobs to a large number of employees, for the benefit of the communities in the towns in which the companies are located. In this way, it is possible to guarantee an excellent working environment inside the factories and respect for the human rights of the people who work there.

This transparent approach is reflected to an even greater extent in the online shop, thanks to the presence of a section titled “traceability” on the product sheet of each garment, featuring the details of the company sites at which it was manufactured. In this way, customers can obtain extensive information about the factory, the production phases, the commitment to issues regarding sustainability and the stories of the people who participated in the production of the items. The union between the brand’s sustainability journey and the supply chain control characteristics have made it possible to take a step forward when it comes to transparency towards customers relating to Intimissimi activities.

Specifically, corsetry items are produced in the Vavuniya (Sri Lanka), Alpha (Sri Lanka), Benji (Sri Lanka), Sirio (Sri Lanka), Fiorano (Serbia), Gordon (Serbia) and Zalli (Bulgaria) factories. The garments then arrive at the logistics hub in Vallese (Italy) and go on to be shipped to stores all over the world.

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