”Find your power, find your own beauty”

Intimissimi’s new campaign offers an invitation to beauty in all its forms and talks about new lace bras up to cup F

 Autumn and winter bring a host of new arrivals to Intimissimi, with a focus on sensuality that is inclusive, aware and with an eye on sustainability.

Find your own power, find your own beauty,

Own it, embrace it, embrace you.

Finally, support for your body, and your

spirit Because every woman has her own

beauty Beyond form, and beyond function.

Designed for beauty

This is the message that the Brand is acting as the spokesperson for, speaking of empowering women, inclusiveness and self-expression. It does so through four different women, four different personalities wearing the same bra.

This invitation to body consciousness is accompanied by an important integration in the Brand’s range: the expansion of band sizes up to cup F for numerous bra models. From the most iconic and well-loved to the new models, from underwired models to softer, less structured ones, guaranteeing the distinctive combination of design, performance and accessibility that characterises each of them

Once example is the bra that features in the campaign, the iconic Elena model – a lightly padded, V- shaped, underwired push-up bra. The intention is to be able to satisfy any request for support and wearability, accommodating all needs and body shapes without sacrificing an elegant, sensual garment.

This extended size range is an important new arrival, which comes dressed in a new lace with 100% degradable polyamide yarn. It is a particularly soft, comfortable and elastic fabric, therefore also suitable for larger cup sizes. In addition, its characteristic flat texture makes it imperceptible under any type of garment.

Sensuality but above all versatility: a perfect combination for the everyday life of a woman who wants to feel feminine and self-confident.

All the garments made with this new lace are part of the #intimissicares project, devoted to ongoing improvement and lowering the environmental impact. The lace, in fact, contains a degradable polyamide fibre that decomposes about ten times faster than traditional polyamide and is also 100% recyclable.

On the tag of each garment is a QR code that allows customers to discover more detailed information on this new fabric on the Intimissimi website.

The expansion of sizes will also evolve online with a significant website update. When selecting larger cup sizes, there will be a different model wearing the relevant size so customers can more accurately understand it’s fit and wearability for their size.


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