The new trend for Autumn – the latest must-have in tights.

Straddling play and seduction, styles inspired by over the knee socks combined with the practicality of tights.
Evocative images of cities and figures brought to life by the transparency of microfibre.

The quality of Calzedonia tights in two parts: opaque black on the lower section and sheer above the knee to make the design really stand out.

A Parisian scene with the evocative Eiffel Tower or a journey down the Thames via Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye, with the English capital unfolding on your legs.
On the You&Me design the bunnies are seemingly brought to life by the movement of the Bunny design on the knees.
For legs that won’t go unnoticed, the polka dots design is subtle on the lower part giving way to polka dots higher up, in a sexy above the knee style.

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