Intimissimi launches a unique TV commercial campaign featuring eight women from different countries, each telling their own story and capturing their sense of beauty and femininity

Every woman has a story and every story is unique. Intimissimi is at the heart of women and therefore knows our stories. For each woman there is a perfect bra. The 8 muses that were selected through a social media casting that ran on Instagram the past summer, starring in eight TV spots respectively and share their special message. Pictured in a spontaneous way, they are themselves and wear their favorite Intimissimi bra.

We expect, therefore, to Intimissimi stores to discover your own favorite bra and cup that suits you, from small to large sizes.

Every woman can be herself and Intimissimi can!

What are the eight muses?

The Italian women Miriam Ziino (Resort Manager and fond of travel) and Marsica Fossati (decorator). The Portuguese Barbara Lourenco (actress), Spaniard Maria Fernandez Rubies (student), the Russian Liliya Skovorodnikova (ballerina), the Polonaise Katarzyna Wolska (personal trainer), the Austrian Fiona Seidl (florist), the Hungarian Sonya Korbucz (composer).


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