Intimissimi On Ice is a new show where great music, beauty, fashion and ice skating come together: an emotional voyage in two acts featuring international ice skating champions, including Olympians Carolina Kostner and Stephane Lambiel.

This edition, titled “SHADOWS AND LIGHT – The Mystery of Desire” took place on October 9th and 10th at the Verona Arena.

The set design is inspired by transparencies’ plays and intensified by the contrasts between light and dark, emphasizing both mystery and sexy aspects of seduction evoked by the splendour and pure artistry of international quality ice skating. The mise en scene will be accompanied by both opera and pop music performances that are nothing short of an adrenaline rush. In the end, it is an ode to femininity.

The show was a source of energy to the audience as it recounts the dual energies of life and love, made of shadows and clear skies, darkness and light.

A spectacular, international performance, the 2015 edition of Intimissimi on Ice is made up of two acts, reminding us that we can emerge from the darkness and turn towards the light courageously and without ever losing heart.

The first act brings a clash of opposites: man and woman struggle in the most violent and chaotic forms of dark energy. The hidden side of the relationship between male and female is fully explored, concentrating on men’s desire for beauty and sensuality.

The man experiences solitude and the irrevocable desire to search for the perfect woman: a desire that turns into passion and conflict in the emotions masterfully represented by the Olympic champion skaters, accompanied by alternating pop and opera tunes throughout the show.

At the end of the act, the scene is filled up with hope, the possibility of finding true love.

It is the light – positive, strong and dazzling – that breaks the darkness of the show and accompanies us to the second act, which opens with the joy of rediscovered light, bringing with it the happiness, playfulness and tenderness of being together.

Then that luminous energy brings new life, allowing us to witness the miracle that is the flowering and growth of love.

The costumes of Intimissimi on Ice 2015 were designed and created by Patricia Field, with the special focus on feminine sensuality, colour and sensibility that she has developed throughout her professional career.

The inspiration for the costumes came from the pieces presented in Intimissimi’s next Autumn/Winter line, that Patricia brings to life “on ice” with her creations. Her feminine, sensual approach to fashion is perfect for representing the world of Intimissimi.

Sandro Veronesi, Show Producer and President of the Calzedonia Group

“Intimissimi on Ice is a spectacular Made in Italy event, with the impressive setting of the Arena di Verona making it even more sensational.

The show allows Intimissimi to engage with the public via innovative communication channels and shared experience.”

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