Intimissimi launches BRA TWIST, the new campaign starring actor-turned-choreographer Sarah Jessica Parker, together with heaps of amazing talents waiting to be discovered.

Intimissimi shakes up the world of women’s lingerie once again and focuses on the needs of real life women. To do so, the brand relies on an undisputed icon of modern and dynamic femininity: Sarah Jessica Parker.

And now… let’s dance! This time, the American actress turns into a choreographer for Intimissimi’s Bra Twist, a new women-only dance that is a sort of harmonious ritual and a sequence of four gestures that every woman does when she puts on her favorite bra. It’s like a real tutorial on how to find the perfect bra fit, teaching women how to adjust the straps, how to hook the bra behind their back, how to properly place their breasts in the cup, and, lastly, the grand finale: the bra twist. Whatever gestures a woman does to put on her bra, Intimissimi will always be there for her, not only to help her find the right bra, but also to teach her how to put it on correctly, for the perfect fit.

Intimissimi is a real bra specialist for both women and girls, helping them find – among its broad range of over 40 bra types – the right one in terms of support and performance, without sacrificing style and elegance.

For Intimissimi each woman is unique, each with her own physical traits and character. Every woman wears a different bra in terms of style and features to enhance her silhouette – and express her personality.

In each of the five mini-clips, Sarah Jessica, together with other emerging talents, will present all the hot new entries for the season: the latest bra from the Vera line (dedicated to women with larger cup sizes in need of maximum support), the new silk super push-up, and the ultimate cotton and lace triangle bras.

Lastly, for a 3.0 experience, Intimissimi offers customers the opportunity to embark on a special adventure, thanks to augmented reality technology. You can scan the QR codes in the stores, on online and offline campaigns, and on social media with your webcam to get in touch with Sarah Jessica Parker’s avatar and – with her – you can choose the right bra for you, dance and post a virtual selfie together, and then buy the bra of your choice as well as a lot more.

Intimissimi’s Bra Twist campaign will run globally and will include TV commercials, digital projects, and a press and billboard ad campaign.


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