The Fall/Winter Tezenis collection is infused with JUNGLE inspirations: bold animal prints are now showcased with exciting new patterns and colors. New reinterpretations of the iconic leopard and snake prints are the super stars of the collection, revisited with touches of color and light nuances.

TARTAN, CHECK, MADRAS, PINSTRIPES, HOUNDSTOOTH: women reclaim their power through masculine silhouettes and fabrics. The FEMINIST movement is back in the spotlight, adding, to our winter wardrobes, a new POP take on classic outfits for men.

The SPORT collection sends color contrasts and inserts in nuances of light and dark pink onto the field. To win the match, Tezenis instead opts for soft, comfortable DRYSKIN microfiber. Sports style is mixed & matched with relaxed-fit homewear garments, such as maxi sweatshirts and loose pants.

In full Xmas mood, SILVER and CHRISTMAS RED will of course dominate the scene. Each garment will be absolutely gorgeous, enriched with precious textures, such as foil print tulle, as well as with glitter and ribbon inserts, sequins, and other appliqués. The ever-popular Party Selection will also be enlivened by sparkling sequins and glitter fabrics: the undisputed icons of the Xmas collection!

For homewear, Tezenis presents “super cozy” 100% Candy-style pajamas featuring soft, warm fabrics and pastel hues. Their loose-fitting shapes, adorned with playful patches and characters, are the perfect choice for the ultimate pajama party. So, our FAMILY PAJAMAS turn into the latest wardrobe essentials you must have to be a SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKSTAR and share your emotions with your contacts.

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