Having gone viral during 2023 as an innovative way of conceiving luxury, characterised by understated and refined elegance, quiet luxury heralds in 2024 as the hottest trend of the season that now evolves further by becoming perfect outside the home as well as indoors.

This need for clothing that balances functionality and style is perfectly satisfied by the new collection by Falconeri, an Oniverse brand specialising in creating the highest quality cashmere knitwear. Following the increased consumer interest in healthier lifestyles in tune with nature, partly as a consequence of the end of the pandemic, Falconeri redefines its Smart Silent Luxury clothing with an outdoor version.

The quality is that which characterises the brand, hallmarked by timeless designs and attention to the details that are central to the trend, translated into fine garments and natural fibers to satisfy the yearning for simple, authentic beauty to be worn at all times.

The star of the knitwear remains cashmere, the brand’s distinctive yarn, sourced from faraway Mongolia and carefully selected to warm without being excessively heavy, ensuring unparalleled softness and durable garments.

Leisurewear, already the symbolic garment of the new generation and indispensable companions of any outdoor outing, are back. The value of Falconeri pure cashmere meets the sporty taste of clothing dedicated to free time and relaxation, resulting in leisurewear that balances elegance and comfort.

There is also no shortage of outerwear, including numerous coats and the iconic sleeveless jackets, a must-have of the winter wardrobe. Different lengths and thicknesses are available, allowing wearers to create original combinations.

The ultrasoft reversible cashmere coat is characterised by sartorial finishes and stylish and elegant lines enhanced by a leather belt at the waist, while the hooded padded down jackets, with their water-repellent, windproof seal, become the perfect solution for facing even rainy days in style. The timeless reversible gilets, on the other hand, satisfy the need for an informal, technical garment for creating total looks with a relaxed edge.

Falconeri’s “Quiet Outdoors”, a palette of light and neutral shades, completes the collection. White, Vanilla Light and Rum are the real protagonists, flanked by the timeless elegance of black, and an invigorating and enveloping dip into Ocean. Understated and never overpowering shades, reminiscent of the earth and sky, in perfect harmony with nature.

Falconeri thus consolidates the connection between style and utility, which is central to its proposals dedicated to the change of season. A functional, outdoors-inspired range that brings “quiet luxury” outside the home.

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