The Italian lingerie brand dedicated a summer collection to Santorini and invited  the top european fashion bloggers in the greek on the 22-24th of April or its international digital campaign.

Μore than 15 top fashion bloggers have met last weekend in Santorini to celebrate and live the unique Intimissimi – Santorini experience having the Caldera as a background. Intimissimi’s Santorini summer collection is inspired by the absolute sophisticated and romantic island of the world , featuring the typical blue and white colour tones.

Below the list of some of the bloggers involved in the project:

Xenia Tchoumicheva
Sonya Esman
Alice Campello
Nina Urgell Cloquell
Tatjana Mariposa
Jessica Mercedes
Ozge Ulusoy
Safia Vendome
Jessica Weiss
Leonie Hanne:
Anyuta Rai
Nefeli Georgala:
Natalia Georgala:
Korina Vrousia
Tonia Sotiropoulou:
Vayia Kalatsanidou:
Chrissianna Andriopoulou

This social media project had run mainly on Instagram (intimissimi’s social media and bloggers IG) with an estimated reach of 15 million followers.

We have achieved the following results: we have gained 10.000 new followers on @intimissimiofficial in 2 days and the hashtag #IntimissimiLovesSantorini has reached 450 posts on Instagram!

Under the hashtag of #IntimissimiLovesSantorini, the greek style and images of both Greece and Santorini are appeared on the screens of hundreds of million users all over the world.

In this unique digital project Intimissimi had cooperated with the company hotels management HotelBrain and the guests had enjoyed an A-list hospitality in dream hotel destinations.
Kirini Suites & Spa –
Chromata Up Style Hotel –
San Antonio –
On The Rocks –
Cosmopolitan Suites –
Gold Suites –
Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites –
Amber Light Villas –

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