Calzedonia’s capsule collection with flocked writing is back, taking centre stage in the brand’s FW21 campaign

Verba volant, scripta manent. There is a powerful communicative thrust in the air, a great desire to spread messages through verbiage and pictograms. Fashion has taken this expressive need on board, and for fall/winter 21/22 we find a proliferation of particularly positive messages and slogans. Calzedonia has decided to have the “last word” on this trend, with a capsule collection featuring “talking tights”, capable of spreading messages thanks to specific prints and flocking. Playful and entertaining freedom of expression, for sheer tights capable of sending out happy messages.

An on-trend capsule collection on which the Verona brand has decided to focus, allowing it to take centre stage in the FW21 campaign getting underway from October.
A great classic with a slightly vintage flavour completes this fall’s collection of tights: fishnets are back, not only in the timeless classic versions, with socks on top for rock chicks, but also in newer, more modern forms: beehives, intertwining and large and small geometric patterns.

Calzedonia, “your style, your tights”: each woman finds the tights that best suit her style and personality. The tights themselves become the ideal complement to create the perfect look, that extra touch that is needed to show a little something about yourself through your legs, with elegance and femininity.

Four main themed areas dedicated to the four passions of this special capsule collection. Travel, with images and writing dedicated to the most popular destinations; Italy taking pride of place, with its monuments from the north to the south of the boot, and then the skylines of metropolises such as New York and Hong Kong. Then we have Tattoo, dedicated to the ancient art of pictorial decoration of bodies, which re-proposes the most frequent themes of this discipline: roses, phrases and age-old symbols. Fashion on the other hand, is a set of keywords – trend, chic, style and so on – punctuated by designs of pumps, perfume bottles, hangers and bows; dedicated to the greatest fashionistas around. Book, literally recalling the world’s greatest literary works, with pieces by timeless authors such as Dante Alighieri and Charles Baudelaire. Finally, there is Astrology, a powerful and positive reference to the divination of celestial bodies, in a firmament of stars, lotus flowers and joined hands.

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