Milan, Wednesday 11 October – Falconeri, an elegant, contemporary brand, invited guests to its first Milanese fashion show, to embark on a voyage of discovery of the very essence of cashmere and its deepest roots. At the Fonderia Macchi, the brand offered up an immersive experience composed of flavours, colours, fragrances and melodies capable of awakening the senses in the narration of the journey of its yarns.

The secrets of a fascinating, magical fibre were revealed through an ideal common thread, turned into cashmere for the occasion.

With the space set up as a metaphor for the various stages of the voyage of cashmere: from the search for the raw material to the manufacturing processes to the spools of yarn, each installation enveloped guests in a warm, unique atmosphere.

By dimmed lantern light, the immersive experience began by caressing the raw cashmere, lying inside bales of jute.

The brand’s new fragrances embraced the colours of the new palette, which paraded down the catwalk in the new creations by style directors Giulia Sartini and Pierangelo Fenzi. On the catwalk, in the centre of the room, the yarn confirmed itself as the undisputed protagonist, accompanying the passage of the Falconeri garments with a soft play of cashmere that embraced the models.

The brand that has made dedication to the quest for the finest materials its hallmark travels all the way to far-flung Mongolia and Inner Mongolia to select the very best cashmere fibres, thus offering a democratic experience of luxury.

Falconeri Superior Cashmere actually starts its life in Asia, thanks to a careful selection of duvet yarn, the thinnest and finest down from Hircus goats. From here, the raw cashmere is flown to Biella, Italy, to be spun and finish its journey in Avio, home of the Falconeri factory, where the spool takes the shape of the garment.

The true essence of Falconeri’s DNA is encapsulated in this attention to raw materials, as well as to workmanship.

A sensory journey stemming from the combination of the unique history that has always characterised Falconeri and the expertise of Laccio, the event’s Creative Director who, with the same skill as a tailor, succeeded in creating an environment capable of dressing the brand’s ideals to perfection.

The evening was attended by many well-known faces from the world of entertainment, television and the internet, friends of the brand who were keen to be present at such an important evening. Chiara Ferragni, digital entrepreneur, Matilda Lutz, internationally renowned actress, Valentina Romani and Nicolas Maupas, who rose to fame with the successful series Mare Fuori, as well as actresses Beatrice Vendramin, Ivana Lotito, Stella Egitto, Desirèe Popper, Emma Valenti and Cristina Marino. There was no shortage of well-known television personalities such as Giulia Arena and actors Pierpaolo Spollon and Michele Rosiello. There was also room for international guests, including Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, from the much-loved series Emily in Paris, Spanish celebrity Sara Carbonero, Nesrin Cavadzade, a Turkish-born actress, and Sassa De Osma, Princess of Hanover.

The Falconeri distribution network now includes 91 boutiques in Italy and 84 abroad. In addition, the brand has an online presence in 22 markets, including Italy, the UK and the USA, and is pursuing further growth in Europe, continuing its internationalisation goals.

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