A tribute to the arts. For its Autumn/Winter 20-21 collection, Intimissimi has taken its inspiration from Italian savoir-faire and the artistic expressions that have made Italy the cradle of western culture in the world, namely: dance, painting, music and theatre. Lace, the epitome of a light, delicate weave, together with other fibres such as cotton and modal cashmere, will play a starring role throughout the collection.

The romantic, dreamlike, delicate and harmonious style typical of the Dance world is the inspiration for the first part of the Intimissimi collection.
Ultra-light modal cashmere, comfortable and extremely dynamic, is among the key fibres featured in this theme. Enveloping shapes caress the body, highlighting the silhouette with discretion and charm: practical, but with a feminine side. The sets in this family respond to these characteristics, from the camel-coloured bra top with contrasting grey mélange rib to the menswear-inspired hiphugger panties.
The theme is completed by the romantic line in grey lace and the elegant and sophisticated series pairing satin with talc- coloured lace.

The world of lingerie makes space for nature and the garments become veritable works of art to be worn. Accented by floral elements but also animal print and camouflage hints on tulle lace, they are references to the outdoors and en plein air Painting. Leopard print comes in an all-over version on comfortable cotton garments or as a detail on lace sets, making them particularly imaginative and original.
Unprecedented, but extremely cool, the camouflage print makes an appearance, again on cotton.

Music is perhaps the art that most of all arouses unexpected sensations and brings back memories related to a particular moment thanks to a melody. It is Folk music, popular music, a genre that is simple yet true and sincere, which expresses its traditions and roots to inspire processes and pairings, making the options from this family particularly sought-after. Lively and on-trend thanks to the use of lace and evergreen prints, these pieces combine classic, traditional elements, such as jacquard houndstooth and multi-coloured zigzag lace, with lurex effects more reminiscent of the 1980s.

This praise for art ends with Theatre: one of the most spectacular, compelling and expressive practices. Theatrical art is pure feeling. It is pathos. It is the ability to transmit and engage.
Sensual and ultra-feminine, the options inspired by this discipline will represent the stage costumes for the most passionate and nonchalant women. Hot on the heels of the bondage inspiration, with a sophisticated twist, these sets are able to mix femme fatale-like details such as elastic bands and high-quality accessories with more classic elements such as delicate lace or elegant see-through effects.

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