Intimissimi launches a unique TV commercial campaign featuring eight women from different countries, each telling their own story and capturing their sense of beauty and femininity

Every woman has a story and every story is unique. Intimissimi is at the heart of women and therefore knows our stories. For each woman there is a perfect bra. The 8 muses that were selected through a social media casting that ran on Instagram the past summer, starring in eight TV spots respectively and share their special message. Pictured in a spontaneous way, they are themselves and wear their favorite Intimissimi bra. 

The Greek TV Campaign that is on air, includes 3 tv spots and here are the 3 muses:

Marsica Fossati

A 28 year old Italian Interior Designer from Milan and born in Monza.
She has always possessed a great aesthetic sense which led to a degree in design. Lately she created the interiors of a restaurant in the Brera area.

Liliya Skovorodnikova

A 28 year old Russian Ballerina from Moscow.
After 10 years at the Bolshoi Theatre Academy she decided to open a ballet school herself: here she likes to mix classical ballet with popular music and modern dance with classical music. She has a 7 year old daughter.

Katarzyna Wolska

A 28 year old Polish personal trainer, from Warsaw.
Known as ‘Kate’ to her friends. Sport has always been her passion, her job and her life. She founded a training group for women called the ‘Real Girls Team’: she is a coach for both sport and self-confidence.


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