Falconeri Made-in-Italy men’s jackets embody practical versatility. Created by expert hands in the finest natural fibers, men’s jackets create style and elegance while maintaining an ultra-comfortable fit. They can therefore be worn from morning to night, without discomfort that you get with stiff fabrics or impractical styles. Paired with a shirt and elegant shoes for more formal occasions, during the weekend or time off they can easily be reinvented with a turtleneck or T-shirt. The styles vary, with two or three buttons or double-breasted, synonymous with elegance that never goes out of fashion. Attractive Falconeri knit jackets result from the company’s core business. These distinctive, soft, unstructured jackets are almost similar to a cardigan for a elegant and casual 24/7 style. Colors hail from the classic menswear palette, with a few colorful tones for the more fashion-forward styles.


COTTON TWEED JACKEt: Cotton Tweed Jacket with lapel, applique pockets and buttons with normal fit, can be combined with a linen jersey
T-shirt for a dynamic but also casual style.

CABLE JACKET: A Slim-fitting jacket made of linen and cotton, with cable knit and applique pockets is ideal for leisurewear. It is combined with a long-sleeves flame crewneck sweater.

JERSEY PIQUET JACKEt: Must-have for every man’s wardrobe, the Jersey Piquet cotton jacket with buttons and normal fitting. It can be worn with a long-sleeves 100% Ultralight cashmere crewneck sweater and cotton and silk trousers.

RAW CUT JACKET: Jacket, made of linen and cotton, with reverse stiching, buttons, applique pockets and normal fitting. It is combined with a long-sleeves 100% merino wool crewneck sweater and a 100% cashmere trousers.

FLAMED JACKET: A unique jackets made of linen and cotton, with buttons and applique pockets and normal fitting. It is worn with a flame T-shirt.

Alternately, the same jacket can be worn with a piquet cotton and silk shirt.

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