7 Falconeri Jacket for 7 unique 24/7 styles. Discover the key items of the Spring-Summer ’19 collection.

Τhe Falconeri jacket is on top of the list and is proposed as a unique uperwear for the SS’19 wardrobe. Especially this year, jackets are presented in different styles, consisting the best choice for layering outfits. Discover and adopt the sophisticated Falconeri total look, combining the jackets with trousers, tracksuits, dresses and skirts.

You can adopt the jacket layering look, wearing a jacket on top of a suit, for a truly modern outfit.

For a more boem style, choose a long jacket in ethnic style, made of zakar and linen and decorated with metallic yarns, or, alternately, a kimono-styled jacket. Two outerwear items that highlight black trousers or a suit.

A cotton pique jacket with lame yarns can be perfectly worn with a maxi 3D chevron dress, made of lux viscose.

Classic-cut cotton jackets – in b&w or nude shades – can be combined with crocheted blouse and white trousers, for a new French style.

All-time glam-chic look can be achieved with a white smoking jacket, made of silk and cotton that is perfectly worn with a silk cotton – nude or white – blouse.

Also, a linen-cotton jacket with appliqué pockets can be combined with a classic Falconeri silk and satin loose blouse with a plisse skirt, made of  lux viscose, 3D knit and straight line.


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