Rita Ora, the famous singer and muse of Tezenis for the Fall / Winter 15-16collection, talks about her style, the unforgettable moments on the catwalk and what ‘Girl Power’ means for her.

Where were you born? Do you feel linked with your birth place?
Kosovo – definitely I can speak the language, it’s very welcoming and I still have family that live there. I grew up in london so I’m very attached to London

How is your daily style?
Basic tshirt + leather jacket+ trainers

Which is your favorite country to spend holiday to?
I love Los Angeles

Which is the best gift you have ever received?
a notebook i write all my songs in

Which is your favorite book?
The Little Prince

Which is your favorite movie?
Pulp Fiction

Are you a social-girl?
If yes, which is the social that you use more and the profile you visit the most often? Yes definitely, Instagram and Twitter..I’m a new user of Snapchat

Who are your icons and idols? And with who do you dream to work with?
Madonna, Kate Moss – I would love to work with Beyoncè


What is your feeling before performing? Do you have some rituals/routine?
I just do some warm ups on my voice and then some breathing techniques. I get adrenaline rush but it’s fun

Do you follow fashion trends? Describe your style with one adjective for freetime and one for night-out.
I like to dress very London look. Adjective could be URBAN and VINTAGE

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are creating mood boards of things that inspire me, going to concerts and watching movies which inspire a lot of my music videos

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully still making music and doing exactly what I do, a few amazing movies too.

What is for you the Girl Power?
Women sticking together and having a good time and supporting each other and one another work – for this reason I chose to being the face of TEZENIS because the brand it’s really standing on this concept

What are your biggest qualities and flaws?
I’m very open and friendly so sometimes it works in my favour and sometimes it doesn’t!

What we can always find in your bag?
Red and nude lipstick, my phones, my passport and some jewellery

In your opinion what should be the reason of your success worldwide?
I like to think i work hard and that i am respectful of the life i have and my work and industry

A beauty-daily habit?
Wash your face and moisturise!

Your favourite city in the world? And for shopping?
Paris. For Shopping Milan, LA, Nyc, London and Tokyo too

Where do you take fashion inspiration?
Everywhere. Just strong and powerful woman who aren’t afraid to take risks

You are an inspiration to a lot of young girls, how do you feel about it and what do you try to communicate to your fans through your sense of style?
I want them to be themselves and be able to express themselves through their style

Your cherished dream?
To be able to live the life I live and create

Who inspires you?
My mother, her hard work and ambition

Your life motto?
Do your best and believe

Give us 3 words to describe RITA
Fun, genuine, real

How do you take care of your body?
I try to eat well and exercise when I can


Do you ever mix and match lingerie or are you a matching set kind of girl?
I do at times but I love to mix and match

How do you feel about being a role model for the teen generation?
I hope I’m an ispiration for Young to be their best

Did you fit into a London style tribe whilst you were growing up in the UK?
London is where most if not all of my inspiration comes from. Totally in love with this city

TEZENIS is an italian Brand … What Does Italy means for you which are the common element?
Italians people and italian brands are really well made and ahead of the curve

Give us 3 words to describe TEZENIS
Fun, stylish and cool

Why and how did you met TEZENIS? Describe the collaboration with the Brand.
I was a fan of the brand before they chose me and I always wear their things in my day/night look , It’s something I wanted to do for a while because I really respect in all the value of the brand and I love that is a Company with a very young approach and sales force made for most of women

Which are your favorite pieces in the new FW15 TEZENIS collection
Not sure I can choose just one piece! I’m in love with Black lace bra and Sparkling pailettes bra

Did you enjoy making a photoshoot for the brand? What was your favourite moment on the shoot?
I usually love doing photoshoots with my team and creating amazing moments where I feel confident and beautiful, that day was special there were a great energy on set and a dream team

Do you prefer invisible or colourful lingerie?
colourful is always fun for the summer, Invisible is great under things like white t-shirts and dresses

An absolute must-have from Tezenis for you is…
the black lace bra always makes me feel sexy

How would you wear the Tezenis collection for the underwear as outerwear trend?
With a white tshirt or a grey tshirt and black bra on top or I love to wear just TEZENIS bra under leather jacket as I did in my performance

What was the best moment of being part of TEZENIS show?
I get to sing in such a beautiful city and encourage the woman in the show to feel confident with their lingerie

Best experience from Verona.. have you ever being in Italy? Do you like our Country?
I can’t wait to go for my first time in the city of love! I’m brigning friends so we can have a great time. I’ve performed in Milan once at the stadium in front of 80,000 people which was incredible on the coldplay tour

Best piece you saw on the catwalk?
FALL WINTER Collection it’s amazing.. can’t wait to be able to buy the silver lingerie set and the gold bra.

The song you performed at the Fashion Show what they represent to you?
I sang Black Widow and Poison that actually is my last released song. They are special to me in fact I was really glad that TEZENIS choose them as soundtrack of the FASHION SHOW

Best memories of this fashion show?
There was an amazing vibe at the show, I really love the energy that people had when they sang my songs and their sparkling eyes during the catwalk in seeing for the first time the new collection FW 2016-2016


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